ARTIPRO Limited Warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials of controllers, dimmers, lighting fixtures and LED drivers for applicable Warranty Period set out below:

5 years commencing on the earlier of:

1) 15 days from the date the products are shipped from ARTIPRO;


2) the installation


1) The Limited Warranty dose not apply to components which are separate from the products, ancillary equipment and consumables, such as, for example, cables, cable holders, wires and connectors, whether supplied by ARTIPRO or others, some components may carry their own factory warranty.

2) The Limited Warranty only applies to the customers who has purchased the products directly from ARTIPRO or its authorized dealers for the use in accordance with their intended purpose.

How to report a problem

If, during the applicable Warranty Period, customer discovers any defect in workmanship and materials and seek to activate the Limited Warranty, then the customer shall, promptly after such discovery, report the details to ARTIPRO Company by contacting ARTIPRO regional sales representative or dealer and sending an email to customerservice@artiprotech.com with following information:

1) a short description of the defects;

2) the product code(same as the description in Purchase Order);

3) the tracking number on the product;

4) a scanned copy of the signed Purchase Order(if purchased directly from ARTIPRO)

Actions for reported defect

Upon customer's notification, ARTIPRO shall determine whether the reported defect is eligible for coverage under the Limited Warranty, 1) if ARTIPRO determines the reported defect is not eligible for coverage under the Limited Warranty, ARTIPRO will notify the customers accordingly and explain why such coverage is not available; 2) if ARTIPRO determines the reported defect is eligible for coverage under the Limited Warranty ARTIPRO will notify the customers accordingly and ARTIPRO may, in its sole discretion, take any of the following actions:

1) repair the Product at ARTIPRO's facilities or on site; or

2) issue a Credit Note for the defective Product in an amount up to its actual value of the time customer notified ARTIPRO of the defect, as determined by ARTIPRO, for use toward the purchase of a new order; or

3) provider customer replacement units for the Product.

ARTIPRO will determine whether the Product should be returned, and, if ARITPRO determined so, the Return Precedure will be invoked. Where replacement products are sent, ARTIPRO generally sends replacement products within 10 working days(quantities less than 1,000 pieces). ARTIPRO may use new parts when making warranty repairs. The repaired products of replacement parts of the products, as applicable, shall continue to be covered the Limited Warranty for the reminder of then-current Warranty Period of the products.

Where the Return Procedure is invoked by ARTIPRO. ARTIPRO will instruct customer how to package and ship the product or parts to the designated location. ARTIPRO will bear the cost of such shipment, upon receipt of the product or parts. ARTIPRO will, at its expense and sole discretion, either repair or replace the products or parts.  

The warranty package will not apply if 1) customer is in default under the General Terms and Conditions of other agreement governing the purchase of the Product, or 2) the Product or any part there of is: 

● damaged as a result of misuse, abuse, accident, neglegence or failure to maintain the Product;

● damaged as a result of modifications, alteration or attachments thereto which were not pre-authorized in written by ARTIPRO;

● damaged due to the failure to observe applicable safety regulations governing the proper use of the Product;

● installed or operated not in strict conformance with the documentation, including without limitation,  not ensuring sufficient ventilation of the Product as described in ARTIPRO installatioin guide;

● opened, modified or disassembled in any way without ARTIPRO's prior written consent;

● used in combination with devices, items, or materials not permitted by the documentation or violation of local code and standard;

● damaged by software, interfacing, parts, supplies or other product not supplied by ARTIPRO;

● damaged as a result of improper site preparation or maintenance or installation;

● damaged or rendered non-functional as a result of fire, flood, pest damage, accident, action of third parties or other event beyong ARTIPRO's reasonable control or not arising from normal operating conditions;

● damaged during or in connection with shipping or transport to or from customers where arranges such shipping or transport.