Energy waste, inproper, and discomfort

Serious impact on farm operation and production

Intelligent management, improve animal welfare, lower the waste

Monitor the whole farm lighting equipment, combine centralized control with regional control, and improve management efficiency.

Real-time and Dynamic Detection

Light program and energy consumption can be monitored by area and date, and accurate statistical analysis can be conducted according to the date of.

Dawn-to-Dusk Simulation

Using the scene function, the lighting is automatically simulating with proper light level to create day-night cycle according to the environmental parameters.

Remote Control 24hrs On Duty

Managers can easily grasp the running status of all lighting equipment on the farm, centrally monitor all lighting equipment, and realize remote management.

Multi-user Management

Divided into administrator rights and ordinary user rights, different farm areas will also be assigned different device control rights.

How does ARTIPRO make the farm lighting climate intelligent

Cloud monitoring, big data analysis, lighting program planning


Real-time running status


Data analysis


Energy consumption record


Abnormal alarm reminder