Light is important on pig units

 It is a matter of legislation and even animal welfare.

KEYS of swine lighting

Things have always been overlooked

High-frequency lighting 

Flicker-free solution would be highly recommended for pig units, as pigs perceive lighting flickering similarly to human being that can lead to negative effects. 

Correct light distribution

Correct light distribution will elimate shadows and dark spot in the farm houses, and, therefore, enables optimal usage of the available space by the pigs.

Proper light level

Pigs need an appropriate light intensity to see and correctly interpret visual information provided by conspecifics.

Day-night cycle

Pig's physiological and reproductive responses to daylength can be subtle, suggesting there may be wide variation in responsiveness of different breeds and populations.

Innovative technologies, professional solutions

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Swine-specific tube light


Swine-specific bulb light


Day-to-red lighting solution


Intelligent dimming system